Around this time last year, we featured a jaw-dropping Prestige Collection Telecaster from Fender’s Yuriy Shishkov that was based on an 18th-Century pocket watch.

The Custom Shop Master Builder has been raiding the company’s jewelry box again, this time to produce a Strat-shaped creation called the Studioliner that riffs off of a 1930s Kodak camera.
The Masterbuilt Prestige Studioliner guitar was built to celebrate Fender Custom Shop’s 30th anniversary. It’s valued at $450,000.00 US,…

Open and Expressive

“I think amplifiers are such interesting, complex animals. The J-MOD 100 is the result of a lot of searching…what is my sound?
What are the elements of all these amps I own that should be chosen to go together in one amp and have this really distinct voice?
What we ended up with is a really open and expressive amplifier that I feel is a real evolution and a…

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A six-string oasis on The Dusty Plains in Riverside, CA.The Wild West means a six-string thrill ride of epic proportions to many rabid, loyal and longtime guitar lovers. The Wild West, just a stone’s throw from the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, also rules the wastelandz as the premiere west-coast outpost for PRS Private Stock, Artist Package and USA-made Beasts From The East. Suhr, Jackson, Charvel, Gretsch, Fano, GJ2, all of these killer axe-makers are within striking distance when you land at The Wild West. Guitar Country, the arid, scorched region surrounding The Wild West, teems with the highest levels of molten-hot rock activity known to any guitar dealership in world history. Throw in the infamous Voodoo Lounge, linked at the hip to The Wild West, and you’ve just added another level of high-octane explosiveness. Finally, first n’ foremost, inject Wild West’s 16-year top-flight guitar-hawking online legend. You’ve just gone over-the-cliff Guitar-Country nuclear. Here, Voodoo Lounge Stalwart, Sunshine, sees the light, Fender Custom Shop style! If Sunshine’s pouring, you’re drinking!DFD

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Fender Custom Shop action at Wild West Guitars often means fast, amazing heavy-relic axes equipped with modernsix-string firepower. 

Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio humbuckers, FCS single-coilpickups with mojo to burn, flatter-radius fretboards and fret wire beyond thevintage realm, as well as the occasional Floyd Rose trem to quench your thirstfor dive-bomb maneuvers in the dark, co-mingle in Wild West six-string homebrews heard ‘round the world.  Iconic. Supersonic. Fender Custom Shopbadness reigns supreme. 

Still, the high-flying…