PRS Private Stock Honduran Rosewood Neck Magic On The Dusty Plains of The Wild West

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Powerhouse PRS Private Stock #5679: The McCarty Rainforest Honduran Rosewood Neck Beast From The East! Witness The Natural Force; Killer Quilt Maple magic in ultra-vibrant Rainforest green, Wild West Guitars’ hand-selected Honduran-Rosewood neck salute to the recent finding of the infamous lost Honduran city, Ciudad Blanca, home of the kick-ass supernatural Monkey God! Raise a toast of (preferably ice-cold) Honduran Chinga corn beer to the balls-out explorers with the stones to venture into this wicked, deadly Honduran jungle to find the infamous lost city buried under stories of mud and foliage, risking fatal attack by killer animals and freaky, weird, disgusting poisonous insects. As many avid PRS Private Stock enthusiasts know, mention of Ciudad Blanca would be incomplete without calling attention to the region’s fabled goddess, Ix Chel: The Rainbow Goddess. The Moon Goddess. The War Goddess. The Jaguar Goddess. Mayan culture asserts she wreaks havoc, an incredibly versatile mythological force. In fact, Ix Chel’s street cred extends as far back as the 16th century. Ix Chel’s headdress rocks the ever-popular entwined serpent and her skirt, adorned with crossed bones, remains the stuff of New York City fashion-runway legend. Ix Chel, the female warrior, often depicted with gaping mouth suggesting cannibalism, always hungered for new victims, according to legend.  Venture to The Rainbow Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, or  Club Pussycat in Baltimore, MD, and chances are you have also experienced the intoxicating influence of Ix Chel. Turn onto the McCarty Rainforest Honduran Neck rock machine straight outta Wonkaville, MD, and pack serious punch and torrential tonal magic worthy of a raucous bash of epic Ciudad Blanca Private Stock proportions. Let The Sacred Birds Fly!