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The ground-breaking, earth-shaking stronghold of PRS Private Stock action, WildWest Guitars flies high in the realm of the most amazing, heirloom-quality guitarson the rock n’ roll planet. 

Take a PRS Private Stock ride with Wild West Guitarsand feel powerhouse, cutting-edge, six-string thunder energize your adrenal gland and rattle your Mojo-Maker! 

Venture West and you’ll find the latest magical, custom axes. Firebrand-fresh,mind-blowing finishes such as Aqua Violet Glow (PS5680) and Winter’s Grey (PS5438) electrify the six-stringsenses. An insane,…

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Fender Custom Shop action at Wild West Guitars often means fast, amazing heavy-relic axes equipped with modernsix-string firepower. 

Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio humbuckers, FCS single-coilpickups with mojo to burn, flatter-radius fretboards and fret wire beyond thevintage realm, as well as the occasional Floyd Rose trem to quench your thirstfor dive-bomb maneuvers in the dark, co-mingle in Wild West six-string homebrews heard 'round the world.  Iconic. Supersonic. Fender Custom Shopbadness reigns supreme. 

Still, the high-flying guitar colors that…

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The Fender Custom Shop Pine Cone Strat, the diamond-gold-and-silver-laden masterwork Stratocaster by seniormaster builder Yuriy Shishkov, insured for $1 million, recently sold via TheWild West in Riverside, CA. The Fender Custom Shop beauty, adorned with 550diamonds, 10-feet of 18 kt gold wire, and solid silver, is the brainchild ofRussian-born senior builder Shishkov.

Steeped in the tradition of theiconic artisan Russian jeweler Carl Faberge, whose company rose to prominencein the late 1800s and early…

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Let the 56 Flame take you back to the bygone era when Fender was busily perfecting the still-young guitar destined to revolutionize the sound of popular music everywhere. Ash Body that is Sorted For Light Weight. 10/56 "V" Neck Shape on a Dirty Neck. 9.50" Neck Radius.

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