Meet the Staff

Leroy Braxton

Sales Manager

Played professionally with several bands during the 1980s and 1990s in the Midwest, based out of Detroit, Michigan. Worked for several music retail companies for over 25 years with starting at Professional Guitars in Ferndale, Michigan. Worked for Guitar Center for 20 years primarily at the Guitar Center in Hollywood where he was part of the Vintage Room staff, training under the “Burst Brothers”. Also worked at the Sam Ash in Hollywood to get a better understanding of the music retail business. He brings a wealth of knowledge regarding guitars, basses, and amplifiers having worked with some of the industry’s biggest names over many years.

Leroy Braxton and Glenn Esparza

Glenn Esparza

Sales Manager

As a musician, Los Angeles native Glenn Esparza has been writing and touring North America with various acts for the past 30 years. Over that time Glenn independently bought and sold guitars, amps, and pedals from all over the country. For the last nine years, he was one of the top Platinum Managers for the Guitar Center. Having a great knowledge base and an extensive live touring background, Glenn brings his experience to Wild West Guitars.

Michael E. Gabriel

Master Luthier

More me here: Guitar Repair Pricing

Michael Emmanuel Gabriel; A member of A.F.M. and an avid Ufologist since he was 17, Mike has done gigs that, literally, no one will believe. In the course of his career as a guitarist and lead vocalist, he helped construct three recording studios, one of which was completely off-grid and solar-powered. He also helped pull off the first 100% solar-powered Rock concert in the world (Mono Lake, 1981, 1982). A devout ‘gear-head’ and guitar synthesist, he also teaches guitar and synthesis theory and has some students who are now pro musicians. A designer and builder of custom guitars and basses since the 1970s as well as a guitar and amp technician, Mike has worked for some ‘notable’ clients, including Keith Richards, Pete Townshend (at Demeter), Frank Zappa, Brian Setzer, Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, Doyle, Donovan, Dixie Chicks, Sonny Landreth, Donovan, Ry Cooder, Eric Johnson, J.J. Abrams, Bonnie Raitt, Al Stewart, John Hiatt, Michael Ward, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Walsh, Graham Nash, Lyle Lovett and Chris Issak.