Guitar Repair / Services Pricing Guide

Stringed Instrument Maintenance
Restrings $19.99
Full 22-point setup: Includes intonation, action and truss rod adjustment $59.99 ($69.99 for Floyd Rose)
Fret Repair
Re-frets $300.00
Fret level: Includes Crown & Polish $129.99
Electronics Repair
Electronics repair on all stringed instruments Quote
Pickup replacement $50.00 / pickup
Wiring repair Quote
Electronics Upgrades & Customizations
Electronic modifications on all stringed instruments Quote
Pickup installation $50.00 / pickup
Wiring customization Quote
Personalized upgrades & modifications Quote
Bone & Graphite
Nut replacement $49.99 (plus cost of setup)
Saddle replacement $49.99 (plus cost of setup)
Fabrication from blank materials $99.99 (plus cost of setup)
Hardware customization Quote
Cosmetic enhancements Quote
Structural Repair
Headstocks $99.99 (plus cost of setup)
Crack repair $19.99 Per inch
Brace repair Quote
Bridge pull and bridge replacements $99.99 (plus cost of setup)

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