Restring and cleaning: $25.00 ($35 for Floyd Rose, 12 string, etc.)
Full basic setup and cleaning: $70.00
Full specialty setup and cleaning: $80.00 (Floyd Rose, 12 string, etc.)
Fret level (setup included): $160.00
Bone nut or saddle: $140.00 ($250 for both)
Wiring repair - Starting at: $40.00
Pickup install: $60.00 for single / $120.00 for a set
Full rewire: $160.00
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Please call for many other available services from headstock repairs to refrets and more! Setup guaranteed for 30 days. Prices are for labor only. Parts and strings are extra.

Call us at 1-626-507-5575 (ask for Max - - Appointment only), if you have any questions.