The PRS Wood Library, where the fiercest flame and quilt maple tops fly high and The Wild West’s latest, greatest limited-run axes come to life with reckless rock n’ roll abandon, stands as six-string mecca in the swirling autumnal winds blowing wildly off The Chesapeake Bay, Kent “Thunder” Island Maryland!

Open and Expressive

“I think amplifiers are such interesting, complex animals. The J-MOD 100 is the result of a lot of searching…what is my sound?
What are the elements of all these amps I own that should be chosen to go together in one amp and have this really distinct voice?
What we ended up with is a really open and expressive amplifier that I feel is a real evolution and a…

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Powerhouse PRS Private Stock #5679: The McCarty Rainforest Honduran
Rosewood Neck Beast From The East! Witness The Natural Force; Killer Quilt Maple magicin ultra-vibrant Rainforest green, Wild West Guitars’ hand-selectedHonduran-Rosewood neck salute to the recent finding of the infamous lostHonduran city, Ciudad Blanca, home of the kick-ass supernatural Monkey God!Raise a toast of (preferably ice-cold) Honduran Chinga corn beer to theballs-out explorers with the stones to venture into this wicked, deadlyHonduran jungle to find the infamous lost city buried under stories of mud andfoliage, risking fatal attack by killer animals and freaky, weird, disgustingpoisonous insects.