Grab Your Package: PRS Artist Package Explodes On The Dusty Plains of The Wild West !

The PRS Artist Package! The Wicked Beast from The East Artist Package rears its highly-figured, flame-maple head, poised to destroy with more than 50, (yes, I said, more than 50) killer colors from The Fiendish Minds of The Finish Wizards in Willie Wonkaville, MD! 

Leprechaun Tooth, Livingston Lemondrop, Makena Blue, Blood Orange, Faded Whale Blue, Fire Red Burst, Yellow Tiger, Orange Tiger, Red Tiger, Bonnie Freeking Pink (and MORE)! Call the shop when you’re ready to rock and we will run through the quintessential list of rock n’ roll finish suspects! 

In the fiendish meantime, it’s a rock n’ roll contemplation: Flame-maple quartersawn necks pure as the driven snow! East Indian Rosewood Necks – rich, dark, sweet and good enough to eat! 

Rip the roof off with your choice of 5708 and 5909 pickups (covered or uncovered), uncovered Metal pickups, or HFS and Vintage Bass fare! Gleaming Gold, Nickel or Hybrid Hardware! 

Release your inner Shreddy Krueger with your choice of fretboards hewn from black-as-night ebony, succulent rosewood or ferociously-figured maple! The choices are yours in this PRS Artist Package Six-String Paradise! Or lunge into the rock n’ roll fray and pick from the triple-dick-wicked litter at The Wild West Corral!

Kill… ‘Em…. ALL!