Worn To Be Wild! Fender Custom Shop Heavy-Relic Action: Classic-Car Colors, Modern Molten-Axe Mojo!

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Fender Custom Shop action at Wild West Guitars often means fast, amazing heavy-relic axes equipped with modern six-string firepower. 

Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio humbuckers, FCS single-coil pickups with mojo to burn, flatter-radius fretboards and fret wire beyond the vintage realm, as well as the occasional Floyd Rose trem to quench your thirst for dive-bomb maneuvers in the dark, co-mingle in Wild West six-string homebrews heard ‘round the world.  Iconic. Supersonic. Fender Custom Shop badness reigns supreme. 

Still, the high-flying guitar colors that light up today’s Fender Custom Shop guitar horizon on The Dusty Plains of The Wild West owe their origin to the early days of rock and car-country magic, when the ‘57 Chevy Belair burst onto the scene. She ran wild in now-classic colors such as Surf Green, Sonic Blue, Fiesta Red, Dakota Red, Candy Apple Red and Shell Pink; blaring Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran. 

Today’s Fender Custom Shop offers a pantheon of powerhouse throwback colors that first struck a chord on four wheels, when you might roll large in a Daphne Blue or Olympic White Cadillac, a Sherwood Green Imperial, an Ocean Turquoise Mercury Comet, a Lake Placid Blue Eldorado, or an Ice Blue Metallic Austin Healey. The gas-guzzling, big-engine beasts (and their infamous backseats) are now part of a legendary automotive and rock n’ roll past. Still, the adventurous, magical, good-time spirit lives on via the Fender Custom Shop and Wild West Guitars in full-throttle-high-octane-classic-color-heavy-relic splendor. 

Plug in and floor it!