Wild West Guitars: Guitar Country !!!!!

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Wild West Guitars, located deep In The Heart of Guitar Country, stands as a six-string oasis on The Dusty Plains in Riverside, CA.
The Wild West means a six-string thrill ride of epic proportions to many rabid, loyal and longtime guitar lovers.

Wild West Guitars, just a stone’s throw from the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, also rules the wastelandz as the premiere west-coast outpost for PRS Private Stock, Artist Package and USA-made Beasts From The East. Suhr, Jackson, Charvel, Gretsch, Fano, GJ2, all of these killer axe-makers are within striking distance when you land at The Wild West. Guitar Country, the arid, scorched region surrounding The Wild West, teems with the highest levels of molten-hot rock activity known to any guitar dealership in world history.
First n’ foremost, inject Wild West’s 16-year top-flight guitar-hawking online legend. You’ve just gone over-the-cliff Guitar-Country nuclear. Here, Voodoo Lounge Stalwart, Sunshine, sees the light, Fender Custom Shop style! If Sunshine’s pouring, you’re drinking! DFD