Wild West Guitars: Perennial PRS Private Stock Dealer of The Year Builds Your Perfect Beasts

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The ground-breaking, earth-shaking stronghold of PRS Private Stock action, Wild West Guitars flies high in the realm of the most amazing, heirloom-quality guitars on the rock n’ roll planet. 

Take a PRS Private Stock ride with Wild West Guitars and feel powerhouse, cutting-edge, six-string thunder energize your adrenal gland and rattle your Mojo-Maker! 

Venture West and you’ll find the latest magical, custom axes. Firebrand-fresh, mind-blowing finishes such as Aqua Violet Glow (PS5680) and Winter’s Grey (PS5438) electrify the six-string senses. An insane, double-quilt-diablo-face-maple Hollowbody II Dirty Blonde Delight burns a hole in your consciousness.  A Zombie-Fade-World’s-On-Fire-stained-maple fretboard from the molten core of the rock n’ roll universe blazes on the Mahogany Mauler, a one-piece-Mahogany-quilt-body beast for the ages. Journey to the Heart of the Lost City-inspired Rainforest PS5679, and discover the supple Honduran rosewood neck with the power to make you weep instantly in the sexy, au naturel-style glory of her sweet, oil finish. 

Perhaps the six-string siren call of an exotic-wood Private Stock adventure trips your trigger? Jump aboard Wild West Guitars’ mystical caravan of heavenly creatures: A Zebrawood Beast from The East, a Tasmanian Blackwood Behemoth, a Koa Creature of The Night; and reach for the stars. Wild West Guitars, the perennial  PRS Private Stock Dealer of The Year, busts at the seams with Bags of Mojo to Burn! 

Which includes helping you realize your own private stock vision! 

Want to build the perfect, customized Private Stock Beast you’ve been dreaming of for years? Go Wild! Utilize Wild West Guitars’ expertise to navigate the Private Stock waters via phone session. Or for the most intense, hands-on PRS Private Stock building experience, let’s hit the PRS factory together, personally select the woods with the experts at PRS, and Build The Perfect Private Stock Beast of your dreams! Call for more incendiary details: Go West!

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