Intergalactic Supersonic PRS Private Stock Snake at The Wild West!

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The intergalactic supersonic PRS Private Stock Snake six-pack attack slithered moons ago from the creative wood-carving mind of the legendary Floyd Scholz and into our collective collectable consciousness!

“From a human’s standpoint, snakes are feared and misunderstood creatures. I find them very seductive and beautiful in a menacing kind of way. I thought that the striking visual combination of powerful curves, scale texture, coloration and patterning combined with a hint of danger made them the perfect subject for an electric guitar top! When you are holding the guitar in a playing position, I wanted to create the effect of it emerging from the player`s right arm ready to strike!”

Poised to Destroy, Snakes #5 and #6 still lurk ‘round The Wild West swampy, shimmering six-string jungle of champion axes!

Who dares wade into the deep end of the PRS Private Stock Wonkaville-style waters, where Snakes and Dragons roam free like True-Grit-meets-Jurassic-Park, and lives to tell the tale, shall fly high on the PRS rock n’ roll collectable radar, trigger pulled, guns blazing!

Awesome pro setup by Scotty, the wily veteran tech of The Wild West, included, of course!


Intergalactic Supersonic PRS Private Stock Snake at The Wild West!

PRS Private Stock Wild West Exclusive Custom 24 Snake LTD #5 of 6 Hand Carved Quilt Maple Top - Details