FCS Candy Apple Red Killer ’57 Strat Bangs Loose at The Wild West !!!!

Take a Bite of the Night: The Fender Custom Shop Candy Apple Red Killer ’57 Strat – poised to destroy on The Dusty Plains of The Wild West! The fire-breathing, forbidden six-string fruit rocks straight through the heart and beyond the ivied walls of The Voodoo Lounge. Papastache wails as Sunshine avails Voodoo Loungers to refreshing Packinghouse Brewery Sunburst Ale. The whipped-up, ripped-up Candy Apple Killer ’57; hot, wet and drippin’ with sweat – puts Fat 50’s fire in your soul. Dirty Neck Action – of the .850-.990 V carve variety, rules the scorched wastelands. The Candy Appler ’57 delivers Heavy Relic Heaven on Earth. Benchmark Fender Cst Shop tonality overflows from the Voodoo Lounge swamp, so bluesy and raw you’ll know her sort-for-lightweight body is one amazing, sultry piece of ash!