Brush of The Titan! Legendary Artist Pamelina H Strikes Again; Fender Custom Shop style!

Brush of The Titan! Legendary artist Pamelina H Strikes Again; Fender Custom Shop style! Bear witness to the FCS John Cruz masterbuilt  Ace of Spades telecaster, a screaming, gleaming Copper-Gold-and-Silver-Leaf Classic Axe of the Ages! Two legends! One Fender Custom Shop Killer Cruz’er! “I’m so happy that the guitar sounds as amazing as it looks,” Cruz said, holding court at the FCS NAMM ‘15 bash. The Ace of Spades fretboard inlay runs wild on a black-as-night ebony fretboard. The hand-wound twisted tele/broadcaster combo rips, tears and rocks the house down, taking the dare. The FCS Masterbuilt Featherweight Flamethrower tips the scales at just 6.4 lbs, a spruce top/mahogany-body beast that delivers its Ace-of-Spades sonic deathblow in rarefied air. Great to see Pamelina return to the FCS arena a-wheelin’ and a-dealin’ with the smokin’-hot Ace of Spades axe on The Dusty Plains of The Wild West!

Pamelina’s “Monterey Pop Strat” recreation in the spirit of Hendrix’s own famous hand-painted strat, is the stuff of legend:

Check out this “Rock and Roll Villain” here: