Breaking Point: Charvel Custom Shop DeMartini Snake Relic Ltd Injects The Venom!

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“Little hand says it’s time to rock n’ roll!” Like notorious armed bank robber/surfer/skydiver Bodhi, the Charvel Custom Shop DeMartini Snake Relic Ltd killer “will take you to the edge. Past it!” The Wild West exclusive Charvel Cst Shop Relic Ltd, one of only 10 for the world and elsewhere, an homage to Ratt axeman Warren DeMartini’s fabled sweaty, nasty, tore-up-from-the-floor-up Snake axe immortalized in Ratt’s 1991 “Nobody Rides for Free” beach video, for the epic 1991 action-thriller, Point Break, starring Patrick Swayze (Bodhi), Keanu Reeves (Johnny Utah) and Gary Busey (Pappas), strikes hard and fast: “100% pure adrenaline.” The Relic Snake Ltd will slither into your six-string consciousness like the 80s, injecting heavy-metal venom worthy of Playboy model Barbi Benton winning a wet t-shirt contest at the legendary Gazarri’s nightclub on The Sunset Strip.

The Charvel Relic Snake stands poised to destroy, a battered, bombastic custom shop symbol of monumental good-time heavy-metal proportions, when Hollywood’s Sunset Strip ruled the rock n’ roll wastelands on an Aqua Net-fueled-lipstick-trick-fix-snakeskin/spandex thrill ride, when guitar-playing was like an Olympic event and sex, drugs, blood, sweat and beers and Jack Daniel’s were always on the rock n’ roll menu. As Van Halen singer/80s head toastmaster David Lee Roth surmised in his book Crazy From The Heat, “The 80s smiled!” Yes, and The Charvel Relic Snake Ltd bites! Which brings us full circle, to the breaking point during a crucial night-surfing scene in Point Break when undercover FBI agent Johnny Utah summarily states, “I gotta be freaking crazy!”  The cocksure, rocked-up, swarthy, tan, villainous Bodhi replies, “But are you crazy enough?”

Welcome to The Wild West: The ground-breaking, earthshaking stronghold of aces-high custom six-string action, home of The Charvel DeMartini Snake Relic Ltd: Get Bit!


Charvel Warren DeMartini Snake Relic