The Wild West Fender Cst Shop Appreciation Event: Saturday, Rocktober 12 !!!!

Greetings From The Dusty Plains of The Wild West !!!!
Fender CS Esquire Relic
The Wild West Fender Cst Shop Appreciation Event fast approaches. Saturday, Rocktober 12 will be a Killer Day of Fender Cst Shop Action, featuring the giveaway of a smokin’-hot Fender Cst Shop ’59 Esquire Relic. World-renowned Master Builder John Cruz will be jamming with his band, live on the Voodoo Lounge stage. John will also be fielding questions about all things Fender Cst Shop, along with fellow monster master builders, Mark Kendrick, Dennis Galuszka, Paul Waller and Ralph Esposito. The Fender Cst Shop Road Show will rock from 3pm to 8pm. If you are one of the first 40 people through the door, you will receive a Fender Cst Shop Lunchbox (sweeeet)! Members of the Fender Cst Shop team will also be on hand, as The Wild West celebrates the awesome Fender Cst Shop with a bash certain to rock the Six-String Universe!

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Fender Custom Shop Road Shop Event – 2013 Oct 12th 3pm to 8pm

Come down for a chance to win a Fender Custom Shop 59 Esquire.
Fender Esquire Relic
No purchase required but you must be present to win!
Click Here
Fender Custom Shop Road Show Event.
Come in for a chance to Win A Fender Guitar.
Meet the Masterbuilders.
John Cruz talks about the White Lightning Strat

Paul Waller talks about the TV Jones and P-90 Teles.

Guitars will be available to play and will be demo’d by John Cruz and his band on the Amazing VooDoo Lounge Stage.

There is no charge for this event.

When: Saturday Oct 12th, 3:00pm to 8:00pm approx.

Where: Wild West Guitars
1546 7th Street
Riverside, Ca. 92507

What do you need to do to attend? Nothing but show up! EASY!!!

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Gibson Les Paul Killer Quilt. Bad Ass

2011 Gibson 1959 Custom Shop Les Paul R9 Standard KILLER QUILT Ice Tea

Gibson 2011 Les Paul Killer Quilt

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Season of The Vampire !!!!

Greetings from The Dusty Plains of The Wild West !!!!
‘Tis The Season of The Vampire on these Dusty Plains here in Guitar Country; Vampire Floyd, That Is !!!!
A strange PRS Private Stock Magic lurks in the devilish, nighttime air. Word is that another Cherry-edged Vampire Floyd Custom 24 Rock n Roll Monster will soon be traversing our Dusty Plains Ethersphere – blasting through the fabled Double Doors of The Voodoo Lounge, making her presence felt in a wicked, Floyd Rose-fueled fashion.
PRS Custom 24 Vampire Floyd Private Stock
The finest Powerhouse Peruvian Mahogany, Beautiful Black-As-Night Ebony, Relentless Red Coral – make for a wicked 513 Bird Blend arguably more wicked than any PRS Private Stock that ever came before her in the Six-String Universe. Don’t deny The Six-String Seductress that is The Vampire Floyd. It will only make her more excited!!!!!

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Fender Custom Shop Strat Shell Pink

Fender 1962 Stratocaster Heavy Relic Faded Shell Pink Masterbuilder Jason Smith

*Master Builder Jason Smith
Check it out here
Shell Pink Custom Shop Stratocaster
Alder Body
2 PC Body
Sort For Light Weight
1957 Soft V Neck Shape
12 inch Radius Neck
QuarterSawn Maple Neck
Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
Dirty Neck
Dirty Frets
Light Tint Neck
Micarta White Inlays
Heavy Relic Finish Package
Dunlop 6100 Jumbo Fretwire
Floyd Rose II Nut
Floyd Rose Bridge
69 Relic Strat Neck Pickup
69 Relic Strat Middle Pickup
Duncan Antiquity Humbucker(chrome) Bridge Pickup
Modern Wiring
5-Way Switching
Brown Tolex Case
Item #: R68389
Have Questions? Call us at 951.369.7888 or email us

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Fender Custom Shop Showplace


A fine pastel selection at Wild West Guitars.
Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters
You’d be hard-pressed indeed to find a more dazzling Fender Custom Shop dealer on the U.S. West Coast than Wild West Guitars in Riverside, Calif. This might have something to do with the fact that the acclaimed high-end retailer is a mere guitar pick’s throw from the Fender Custom Shop itself in neighboring Corona, Calif.

A pre-eminent Southern California dealer since founder Mark Herbert established it in 1999, Wild West is an especially large and luminous star in the instrument-sales universe. Its extraordinary Fender gear selection is presented amid a lavish setting with killer vibe, including the Voodoo Lounge—an especially engaging feature where clients can attend Fender Custom Shop Roadshow events and artist clinics amid an elaborate rock ‘n’ roll jungle-themed setting. It has pro staging and sound, dense foliage, zebra-stripe and leopard-print seating—the whole bit. It puts even more “wild” into Wild West Guitars.

Further, Wild West Guitars enjoys a prolific history of online sales excellence. Well more than a decade ago, in fact, Wild West was a pioneering rock ‘n’ roll Internet retailer.

In either case—on the actual premises or digitally—the self-proclaimed heart and goal of Wild West Guitars is to create the kind of ultimate buying experience that produces “an incredibly loyal following.” In this effort it has succeeded at admirably, and the Wild West gang readily acknowledges that Fender and the best of its best have had a lot to do with that.

The Voodoo Lounge, as seen from the stage.
The VooDoo Lounge
“We treat our customers like gold,” said Bo Harrison, operations manager. “Fender is our main brand, and our focus is on the Custom Shop. The guitars we’ve seen coming out of the Custom Shop over the past year have been some of the best I’ve ever seen, hands down.”

Looks like they’ve been coming out of the Custom Shop and into Wild West Guitars. Walk in and you find a wide and truly gorgeous selection of the finest Team-built and Master-built Fender Custom Shop instruments.

“Fender means iconic American guitars,” said sales manager Doug Diamond. “First-rate people who really understand the magic and mojo that the Custom Shop personifies. Here you’ll find some of the most incredible and unique Custom Shop guitars. We specialize in heavy relics, killer necks and helping people create their dream guitar through custom orders. Whether you check out our mind-blowing selection here or online, you’ll be treating yourself to the most amazing guitar-buying experience.”
Fender Room at Wild West Guitars
Apart from the stellar Custom Shop instruments, Wild West offers much more. Its selection also encompasses Fender American Deluxe and American Vintage series guitars and basses, and virtually every tube amp emblazoned with the Fender logo. High-end gear from sister brands Jackson®, Charvel® and EVH® is there, too.

Visit Wild West Guitars online at

Wild West Guitars boasts a truly fine Fender selection.

Wild West Guitars

Posted on October 13, 2011 at 8:56 am.

Written by Jeff Owens

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PRS Experience Coming Hard and Fast In September !!!!

Welcome to The Dusty Plains of The Wild West!
The August Heet is hotter than ever, as The Boyz of The Wild West
rocket through a killer 2013 with axes in hand! September 19 means
rocking Maryland – The PRS Experience, surrounded by stellar
six-string sweethearts, great performers and ice-cold beer!
Amazing axes abound every year! Check out the latest from
a Wild West Wood Library Exclusive:

click here

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Testimonial – S.F.

Doug Diamond and Wild West are The Best !!!
Their selection of PRS private stocks is fantastic, and you won’t work with better people.
A+ all the way!

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Testimonails – M.A.

Thank You to everyone at Wildwest for my latest purchase (NOS Modern Eagle) & the many Private Stock PRS you have helped me design. You guys are true professionals & Doug Diamond (DFD) is truly a treat to deal with. Rock on Westie Boys! ………………. Markie

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Testimonial – E.H.

This is the best guitar store in the Inland Empire. It’s hidden in an industrial area off University, so you don’t have a bunch of random kids coming in and beating the crap out of the gear. The instrument selection is top notch and theres really no guitar below a grand here. The amps and pedals are the finest money can buy and everything in the store is properly set up and ready to demo. The staff is friendly and not pushy once so ever, you can go in and look at all the gear in peace and when you do need assistance they’re right there to wait on you hand and foot. Mark their guitar tech is an honest man doing quality work and I send him my instruments for all my repairs on a regular basis. You won’t be disappointed in Wild West Guitars.

Fullerton, CA

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