Sweet Cedar!!!! PRS Private Stock Macassar Neck Madness at The Wild West !!!!

A Private Stock Cedar Dream cooked up on a recent Wild West jaunt to Maryland, the Semi-Hollow Sweetheart rides a Macassar ebony wave of tonal goodness straight to your rock n’ roll heart. Special thanks to veteran Vintage Rocker alum and pile-drivin’ Private Stock Rocker Mike Ross for the Artist III-style Inspiration!

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La Cabronita Shakes and Bakes The Dusty Plains of The Wild West !!!!

So Good to Meet Ya, La Cabronita! The Featherweight Flamethrower shakes and bakes The Wild West to its molten rock core. Yuriy Shishkov Masterbuilt to the hilt –  La Cabronita, she of Polonia wood body and Airplane Grade Spruce neck, tips the scales at just 5.4 mind-blowing pounds! TV Jones Powertron pickups are always ready for lift-off, Captain Fantastic-style. La Cabronita’s exquisite checking, large C neck, Indian Rosewood Fretboard, Quartersawn Polonia neck, combine to pack formidable feel, airy tonality and serious crunch n’ punch into a unique, collectible rock n’ roll warhorse for the ages! Yuriy has done it again! La Cabronita: Elevate. Levitate. But don’t get to the gig late! Special thanks to Voodoo Lounge temptress, Sunshine, for slinging, with aplomb and verve, Riverside’s own Packinghouse Brewing Company’s phenomenal Sunburst ale; to Papastache, for bringing out the beast in La Cabronita, and last but certainly not least, to Yuriy, The Great One, and to all of the hard-working Fender Cst Shop crew in Corona, CA, for building timeless, wicked six-string classics!


FCS, baby!!!!


La Cabronita

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FCS Candy Apple Red Killer ’57 Strat Bangs Loose at The Wild West !!!!

Take a Bite of the Night: The Fender Custom Shop Candy Apple Red Killer ’57 Strat – poised to destroy on The Dusty Plains of The Wild West! The fire-breathing, forbidden six-string fruit rocks straight through the heart and beyond the ivied walls of The Voodoo Lounge. Papastache wails as Sunshine avails Voodoo Loungers to refreshing Packinghouse Brewery Sunburst Ale. The whipped-up, ripped-up Candy Apple Killer ’57; hot, wet and drippin’ with sweat – puts Fat 50’s fire in your soul. Dirty Neck Action – of the .850-.990 V carve variety, rules the scorched wastelands. The Candy Appler ’57 delivers Heavy Relic Heaven on Earth. Benchmark Fender Cst Shop tonality overflows from the Voodoo Lounge swamp, so bluesy and raw you’ll know her sort-for-lightweight body is one amazing, sultry piece of ash!

Guitar Specifications:

Finish Package – Heavy Relic

Plating – Chrome

Weight – 7.6 lbs


Body Wood – GTR & Bass Ash

Body Construction – 2 Piece

Color Finish – Candy Apple Red

Sort for Light Weight – Yes Sort

Finish – Lacquer


Hardware Color – Nickel

Bridge Assembly – Standard Bridge Assembly, Strat Vintage Relic

Tuner Keys – Vintage Strat Relic

Neck Plate – R Serial Vintage


Neck Assembly – Custom Neck, ’56 Strat CC/REL

Fingerboard – Maple

Neck Blank – 5/4 Quarter Sawn, Light Tint, Dirty Neck

Face Dot – Micarta Black 6.3MM

Side Dot – Micarta White 3/32″

Fret Wire – Cut Dunlop 6105

Number of Frets – 21

Fingerboard Radius – 9.50″ Radius

Neck Shape – 57 Style Soft “V”

Neck Thickness at 1st Fret – .850″

Neck Thickness at 12th Fret – .990″

Nut – Bone


Style – Cuystom

Neck Pickup – Strat Fat 50’s Nk Relic

Middle Pickup – RWRP Strat Fat 50’s Mid Relic

Bridge Pickup – Strat Fat 50’s Brg Relic

Pickguard – ’56 Strat RH Relic

Pickup Selector Switch – 5-Way Switch

Volume & Tone Knobs – White Relic Pimco, Modern Wiring

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NAMM Ba’am Thank You Ma’am !!!! Fender Cst Shop Magenta Pearl Strat Bangs The Night !!!!

She’s a Lean, Mean Magenta Pearl Fighting Machine! Drenched in Magenta Pearl Fender Cst Shop Sweetness, the slightest hint of sparkle on her sexy, svelte 7.8lb body; she’s a show-stoppin’, non-stop-rockin’ six-string sweetheart with teeth! Magenta Pearl’s 9.5 radius, medium jumbo wire, and Killer John Cruz/Beck pickups will set your night on fire. The Molten Magenta Pearl will also set ablaze unfortunate mid-morning festival dates, mid-morning/late afteroon backyard bashes, and awkward, early-morning garage and basement get-togethers; but we won’t go there at this function in the Wild West junction!
Sweeeeet Magenta Pearl meets The Killer Cruz’er/Beck Pickup Action !!!!

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Powerhouse P90 Telecaster Sizzles on The Dusty Plains of The Wild West !!!!

The Powerhouse P90 ’63 Telecaster sizzles in the hands of Papastache, as the wily axeman takes the six-string sweetheart on a wild ride, Voodoo Lounge style. The pile-drivin’ Sunburst ’63 Beast, fortified with the magic of her Seymour Duncan P90, sparkles, shimmers and shrieks in classic rock n’ roll fashion. The ‘63’s smooth-oiled quartersawn C-carve neck fits like a glove. The Packinghouse Brewery Sunburst Ale flows like an ice-cold river. Sunshine keeps the spirits alive. The Voodoo Lounge rocks. The Wild West rolls!

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She’s a Doozie! Duesenberg Unveils Johnny Depp Artist Series Ltd Axe at NAMM 2014: Depp and Friends’ Imperial 8 Ball Delivers The Goods !!!!

Coming Soon, from the elegant, etched-metal mind of Duesenberg: The Johnny Depp Artist Limited Axe – just 52, signed, for the world, slated for a late-spring invasion. The Steely Beast’s etched aluminum top and back bear the images of the tattoos adorning the ground-breaking actor’s body. A sweet one-piece D-Carve Maple Neck, and the JD63 pickup bang the night with exquisite grit and snarling verve! Speaking of banging nights, special thanks to Duesenberg distributor Nathan Fawley for the killer NAMM Show Doozie showcase, The Imperial 8 Ball Hot Rods and Music event, featuring TP Heartbreaker Mike Campbell, ripping the night wide open with his killer rock outfit, The Dirty Knobs. After Mike n’ the boys split the night in two, Depp delivered with his steaming-hot rock band, featuring several-song appearances by Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and the one-n-only Steven Tyler. ‘Twas a total NAMM Ba’am Thank You Ma’am Experience, culminating in the whole gang finishing off the show with the epic Beatles’ classic, “Come Together.” Classic Cars, Icy Cold Ones, and a gritty Richards-like performance from the earnest, hard-driving Depp, happy to hang in the shadows, while mates like Cooper, Manson and Tyler kept pulling him to the forefront, all hugs, tugs, n’ kisses.
All in all, a truly killer, dirty rock n’ roll party.
Wild West Guitars will have available one etched-top Depp Artist Ltd Series guitar, sale price, $11,300 (one of 52 available worldwide). To pre-order, inquire at info@wildwestguitars.com, or call 951.369.7888.

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Screaming Yellow Zonker: Graffiti Yellow TV Jones ’63 Tele Burns Up The Wild West !!!!

The Screaming Yellow Zonker Lives! Ride The Zonker’s fat, jangly sparkle. Rev up her TV Jones Classic pickups and you’re off to the races, driving your amp harder than a traditional telecaster. Her sweet 60’s Oval C carve neck is AAA Dark Indian Rosewood Delight. Check out Papastache bangin’ away on her Heavy Relic Action at The Voodoo Lounge as Sunshine pours it on!
The ’63 Graffiti Yellow Telecaster: a quartersawn neck killer with teeth, rocks The Wild West hard in Papa’s hands!
Screaming! Yellow! ZONKER!

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Wild West Exclusive John Cruz Masterbuilt Silver Bullet 56 Stratocaster

The Killer Cruz’er Silver Bullet ’56 Strat Opens Fire on The Wild West!!!

Quintessential Fender Cst Shop Heavy Relic Badness – John Cruz Masterbuilt
Style – reigns on The Dusty Plains of The Wild West!
The Killer Cruz’er Silver Bullet ’56 Strat, a smokin’ gun for the custom shop
ages, packs Mega-Cruz Mojo with wicked, woody tonality for days.
She’s a rompin’-stompin’ featherweight flamethrower, weighing in at a
super-sweet seven pounds. Her soft v carve, a Dirty Neck Delight –
ferocious AA flame-meets-killer-quartersawn action in the vein of a
rough-n-tumble 7.25-9.5 compound radius – is a supple invitation for
your ultra-inspiration.
The Silver Bullet ’56, armed with the heat of Fat 50s neck and middle pickups
and the infernal Duncan Antiquity humbucker in the bridge, is red-hot and
ready to rock. Feel her heat and see Papa Stache take The Killer Cruz’er
Silver Bullet ‘56er through the paces during The Voodoo Lounge Prime Cuts
Episode 1. If you’re drinkin’, Sunshine’s pourin’!

– Doug Diamond

Check out more Masterbuilt Fenders – Click Here

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Wild West Exclusive PRS Wood Library Hand Selected Custom Built Guitars

PRS Wild West Guitars Hand Selected Wood Library

PRS Powerhouse Wood Library Wildness at The Wild West

Wildness reigns on The Dusty Plains of The Wild West. Smokin’-gun SC245s and Killer Custom 24s with Killer Quilt and Fantastical Flame tops Rule The Wastelands. Dealer-selected, ready-for-shreddy, and built to destroy, the Wood Library Wild Ones are available in:

Dark Cherry Sunburst
Armando’s Amethyst
Livingston Lemondrop
Faded Gray Black
Makena Blue and…
Natural flavors

Featuring stellar Ribboned Mahogany backs. Decked with a searing 5708 in the neck position and a wicked 5909er in the bridge, the Wood Library Beasts deliver a double dose of rock magic in a big way.

Black-as-night ebony, rich Brazilian and ferocious flame fretboards are all the rage and all available for your six-string pleasure. What’s more, the Wood Library Wild Ones sport the righteous new tan Paisley case; gas on the fire of a Wild West PRS Ltd Run with Mega-Bang for The
Buck and Merrylander Mojo for days.
Plug in, turn on, rock out!

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Wild West Exclusive Fender 1960 White Lightning Stratocaster

White Lightning Strikes The Dusty Plains of The Wild West

Fender 1960 Stratocaster White Lightning

White Lightning rips all day n’ rocks all night with fiendish Floyd Rose-fueled intentions. The molten Wild West Fender Custom Shop Exclusive Heavy Relic Dirty Neck monster rules the rock n’ roll wastelands, packing a pair of Fat 50s relic single coils and a killer DiMarzio Tone Zone humbucker in the bridge position.

She’ll take you straight into the heart of the rock n’ roll storm: Poised To Destroy!

You’ll ride her fast-n’-furious 12-inch radius fretboard, armed with jumbo fretwire, infused with benchmark Fender Custom Shop woody tonality; her delectable 60s C carve well in hand, to create the perfect turbulence to unleash your inner Shreddy Krueger.

Ride The White Lightning. She’s the wild n’ wicked, heavy-relic-paint-on-paint six-string sensation – sweeping wildly across your electrified Inspiration; only at The Wild West. Shoot ‘em up!

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