Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Collector’s Choice #2 Aged “Goldie” CC #02A 9-0629 Replica

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Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Collector’s Choice #2 Aged "Goldie" CC #02A 9-0629 Replica

Collectors Choice #2 Goldie

For many, the Les Paul is a collectors item, and with Les Paul Standard models from 1959 commanding as much as $500,000 USD on the used market - it is a serious hobby! The Gibson Collectors Choice series aims to replicate some of the most pristine examples of the world’s most highly-sought-after guitars. Gibson luthiers and historians carefully gather information about collectors’ pieces and pick the best to analyse and remodel with the greatest precision humanly possible.

The Collectors Choice #2 is a 1959 Les Paul Standard. With so few available in 1959, it has become a sought after piece commanding a vast sum. The Collectors Choice number 2 is modelled upon “Goldie”, the Les Paul with serial number 9-0629. Gibson picked this guitar because it is a particularly good example of everything that was exceptional about a 1959 Les Paul Standard. It also has a fully documented history which includes no major damage nor repairs. This replica of “Goldie” is faithful in every detail from the quality and consistency of the woods used down to the Aged Green Lemon finish, the natural aging and the mismatched characteristics of the humbucker pickups.

For most people, owning an original 1959 Les Paul Standard was once a distant dream. Even those with the cash would be hard pressed to find anybody selling such a delectable instrument. With the Gibson Collectors choice #2 R9, owning a guitar of the same standard and vintage as a 1959 Les Paul is finally a realistic prospect.

Gibson have limited the run of Collectors Choice #2 guitars to just 300 maximum, and there’s no guarantee that all of these will get produced. Andertons have provisionally secured just two of the Collectors Choice “Goldie” reissue Les Pauls. If you are interested, we highly recommend that you call us to register your interest as soon as possible. We are able to offer 24 months interest free finance on this guitar.
Launched in the spring of 2010, Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice ‘59 Les Paul series focuses on meticulous recreations of rare and specific existing examples from the extremely short run of Les Paul Standards produced in 1959.

Here’s what Gibson say about the Collectors Choice #2 Goldie Les Paul

The second model produced in this series, serial number 9-0629 (aka “Goldie”) is an instrument that presents several of the most desirable aspects of these highly sought-after electric guitars. Crafted with close analysis of the original by Gibson Custom, including digital scanning and measurement from every conceivable perspective, “Goldie” totally embodies the spirit of the Collector’s Choice series by recreating this original individual ‘59 Les Paul in as near-to-perfect detail as is humanly possible. As such, the instrument presents a rare opportunity for players and collectors alike: a precise reincarnation of the look, tone, and feel of one of the world’s most elusive electric guitars. “Goldie” will be reproduced in strictly limited numbers, with all guitars sent to world-renowned guitar-aging artist Tom Murphy for hand aging.

“Goldie” is an exciting opportunity not only because it is such a gorgeous Les Paul, but also because its ownership is extremely well documented, with only the first few years of its existence after heading from Gibson’s Kalamazoo factory to its first owner near Deer Park, Texas, remaining slightly hazy. Having resurfaced in the early 80’s at one of the first Dallas guitar shows, “Goldie” has graced the collections of several noted burst aficionados including Vic Da Pra and Tom Wittrock, the guitar is currently in the care of an anonymous collector and on loan to Gibson Custom. The guitar has also been extremely well cared for in its 52 years on this planet, suffering some of the minor nicks and dings that all well-played instruments experience in half a century of use-all precisely recreated by Tom Murphy’s hand aging-but no breaks, repairs, or modifications. Also, this ‘59 Les Paul Standard’s finish has naturally mellowed to a sweet, rich, golden “unburst,” a luscious deep “green lemon” amber tone at the center with just a hint of darkening around the edges, giving it a look that many collectors adore. To precisely recreate the appearance of the original in the top of Collector’s Choice #2 9-0629 aka “Goldie” Gibson Custom has hand selected figured maple with a broad, elegant flame and “slip matched” the two pieces to present the same degrees of depth and dimension. Hand-finished in nitrocellulose lacquer and hand aged, this top is partnered by a light one-piece mahogany back which has faded to match the original’s soft, mellow reddish-brown.

The playing feel of Collector’s Choice #2 9-0629 aka “Goldie” is ensured by a precise analysis of the neck profile of the original 1959 Les Paul Standard upon which it is based, and its perfect recreation in the one-piece quarter-sawn mahogany neck of this Custom Shop creation. The result is a gorgeously rounded late-‘50s profile that measures approximately .900” at the 1st fret and .990” at the 12th. The rosewood fingerboard is bound in vintage-accurate and aged plastic, as is the body top, and a genuine nylon 6/6 nut and vintage-style tuners with single-band green keys grace the headstock. To recreate the tone of this rare Les Paul, Gibson Custom has selected a Burstbucker 1 for the bridge position and Burstbucker 3 for the neck, a pairing that accurately reflects the mismatch in output that was often found in original PAF sets. Together, they present a woody, throaty tone from the neck, and impressive chime and clarity from the bridge. All in all, Collector’s Choice #2 9-0629 aka “Goldie” is a total delight in sound, feel, and appearance, and the closest many players and collectors are ever likely to get to owning an actual 52-year-old 1959 Les Paul Standard.

ModelGibson Custom Shop Les Paul Collector’s Choice #2 Aged "Goldie" CC #02A 9-0629 Replica
BuilderGibson Custom Shop
Body TypeSolid Body
Top WoodUnique Figured Eastern Maple
Body WoodMahogany
Finish TypeNitrocellulose Lacquer
Finish Color9-0629 Replica
Aging9-0629 Replica
Back FinishNitrocellulose Lacquer
Neck WoodMahogany
FingerboardIndian Rosewood
Neck Carve9-0629 Replica
Scale Length24.5''
Neck Dimensions9-0629 Replica
Neck Radius12''
Frets22 Medium Jumbo
Nut Width1.687
Nut MaterialNylon
InlaysAged Acrylic Trapezoid
Neck PickupBurstbucker I (Alnico II magnet)
Bridge PickupBurstbucker III (Alnico II magnet)
BridgeLightweight aluminum tailpiece and ABR-1 bridge with add-on wire
TunersGotoh Nickel Reissue Green Key
Controls2 Volume Knobs, 2 Tone Knobs, 3-way toggle pickup selector
Case 8.55 Pounds (8 lbs 9 oz)
WeightGibson Custom Shop Hardshell