Fulltone CatalystSerial #: 4310

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Fuzzes can be a powerful thing in the right hands....BUT....they are one trick ponies, can't do even a bad impersonation of an overdrive or clean boost ...they have major interaction issues with other effects like wah and modualtion (vibes, etc)...they all have a sloppy, farty low-end.....they have tons of bass/tons of highs but can't cut through a mix to save their lives...there are absolutely no Mids if you want them....only Fuzzface-type pedals Truly clean up when you turn down the guitar's volume knob, and even those get unuseable bright for anyone not using a brown old Marshall 4-input....they sound like ass through a bright Fender-atyle amp.
Then along came a little thing called Catalyst A tiny little Distortion Generator that:has NONE of the drawbacks listed aboveis a GREAT FUZZ/Distortion (with toggle switch set to "Flame" position)is a Phenomenal clean-boost, and overdrive as well (with toggle switch set to "Spark" setting)has something I came up with called Max-end-all 2 Band EQ: an excellent hi-cut with a great Bass control having the proprietary ability to bring in incredible sounding midrange when the pot reaches around 3 o'clock on its rotation. Can be so raw yet can be so refined, and so musically useable that it defies description and musical boundries..don't be confused when you see this on Country rigs and Top 40 pedalboards..sometimes you get lucky and develop something truly unique


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