Operations Manager
Job Duties:
Analyze the company's financials and create marketing budgets for the fiscal year. Develop pricing strategies with the goal of maximizing the company's profits and market share while ensuring the company's customers are satisfied. Review financials, sales and inventory to gauge and identify goal achievement and areas needing cost reduction. Monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and service for guitarists and musicians and make predictions on the guitar market. Monitor supplies to ensure fair cost of inventory and efficient requisition of inventory and equipment. Utilize analytic tools such as Google-analytics analyze customers' age, gender, location, and etc. to create marketing related campaigns. Plan and conduct marketing campaigns through platforms such as magazines, social media, and website for Wild West Guitars. Analyze market demand for the products and study competitors. Creating social media content for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and etc. Update website contents such as blog post, designs, and promotions.
Must have 2 years experience as Operations Manager, Marketing Director or Related.
Email resume to dreamtone_gang@foxmail.com Attn: CEO, location in Pasadena, CA