La Cabronita Shakes and Bakes The Dusty Plains of The Wild West !!!!

So Good to Meet Ya, La Cabronita! The Featherweight Flamethrower shakes and bakes The Wild West to its molten rock core. Yuriy Shishkov Masterbuilt to the hilt - La Cabronita, she of Polonia wood body and Airplane Grade Spruce neck, tips the scales at just 5.4 mind-blowing pounds! TV Jones Powertron pickups are always ready for lift-off, Captain Fantastic-style. La Cabronita’s exquisite checking, large C neck, Indian Rosewood Fretboard, Quartersawn Polonia neck, combine to pack formidable feel, airy tonality and serious crunch n’ punch into a unique, collectible rock n’ roll warhorse for the ages! Yuriy has done it again! La Cabronita: Elevate. Levitate. But don’t get to the gig late! Special thanks to Voodoo Lounge temptress, Sunshine, for slinging, with aplomb and verve, Riverside’s own Packinghouse Brewing Company’s phenomenal Sunburst ale; to Papastache, for bringing out the beast in La Cabronita, and last but certainly not least, to Yuriy, The Great One, and to all of the hard-working Fender Cst Shop crew in Corona, CA, for building timeless, wicked six-string classics!