How To Approach Playing Guitar In Different Genres

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How To Approach Playing Guitar In Different Genres

There are a lot of different genres of music in the world. There is a very high chance you won’t like some of them, but a much higher chance that you’ll want to play more than one of them.

If you’re looking to adapt your technique across multiple genres, then look no further!


Rock is a broad term. There are a lot of examples of what constitutes rock, from Pink Floyd to Green Day.
This means we have a lot of range in determining how to play rock…

‘Comfortably Numb’ is a good example of Pink Floyd’s approach (while a rock band, we can go into more detail and define them as progressive rock, or psychedelic rock). The chords are played serenely, with quite a simple and diatonic progression being used throughout; the tempo is slow, the playing is expressive, and when we reach the world famous guitar solo at the end, multiple effects can be heard on David Gilmour’s guitar.

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