Orange AD30TC

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The Orange AD30TC Guitar Combo Amplifier has two Celestion Vintage 30s in an open-back acoustically designed enclosure, made from 13 ply high density 18mm birch plywood to further enhance the sound. The AD30TC amp sports two dual stage channels with completely separate signal paths. Channel One has a thick, creamy, classic voice that barks when pushed hard. Channel Two has a tighter, springy and slightly faster character with a little more upper mids and gain. The Orange AD30TC combo retains the original vintage sound and utilises a smooth electron emissions GZ34 valve rectifier and operates in Class A. This makes the AD30TC a true force to be reckoned with when played alongside any ‘vintage’ classic and high price tag, boutique amplifier. The AD30TC from Orange is fast becoming the new world standard for 30 watt Class A tube amplifiers.