PRS Guitars Out In The Ole Wild West

When it comes to custom guitars that are still built by hand and played by some of the hottest guitar players in the world, nothing can beat PRS guitars. While the company may have gotten its start as a college music class challenge, luthier Paul Reed Smith has created a company that is staffed by some of the most highly skilled craftsman in the industry. It is their job to ensure that every guitar that leaves the factory is as flawless as humanly possible. Unlike many other guitar companies, PRS guitars still believes that only the human touch can produce a guitar that is good enough to carry the PRS logo. Yes, they use technology where it is needed, such as a CNC milling machine to cut out some of the parts. The production line at PRS is a perfect symbiosis of man and machine. Every guitar produced must pass the quality control standards of every craftsman that touches it or it is rejected out of hand. When you pick up one of the many different styles of PRS guitars, you will find that your fingers start picking out the tune all by themselves.

The fit and feel of these classic electric guitars is like nothing you have ever felt or are likely to feel again. The hardest part will be putting one down to try another and there is no way you are going to walk out of the store without one in your hands if you are truly serious about your music. Each of the guitars PRS makes is legendary; you will find them in the hands of many of the finest and most respected musicians in the world such as Carlos Santana. When you plug in and tune up, you are playing the same guitar that the professionals are playing, nothing more and certainly nothing less. Every piece of each guitar is custom made in house to ensure that it is going to produce the right sounds every time you play a chord. Whether you buy an early mahogany model or one of the latest rosewood models, you will never be disappointed with the quality or the performance.

Even the pickups are custom built by PRS guitars. Many of the pickups are named for the guitar great that they were originally created for, such as the Santana I, II and II or there is the HFS or Hot, Fat and Screaming. The designs for these pickups are one of the best kept secrets in the industry and jealously guarded by PRS. Now that you have heard just how incredible PRS guitars are it is time you visited Wild West Guitars, one of the hottest guitar stores on the West Coast. Here you will find a massive selection of the finest axes in the free world on display and ready for you to plug in and try it before you buy it. Whether you are a professional musician or just like playing a few licks in your garage, you will find the perfect guitar for your needs all under one roof.

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