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Wild West Guitars is the exciting guitar store with a fantastic ambience, an unbelievable inventory and potential customers of Charvel guitars will find that the product knowledgeable sales staff will always find the time to chat about instruments and accessories, provide a low-pressure environment and allow customers to play rigs side by side and crank up the sound for an honest shootout. Shoppers will visit several other stores looking for Charvel guitars, but Wild West Guitars is confident that they will not find the inventory, the great prices or the exceptional customer service that are distinct features of the guitar store. Many shoppers have reached the conclusion that Wild West Guitars is not just a store, but an experience. Wild West Guitars is offering every model in the Charvel guitars’ vast range at amazingly low prices for the quality, and shoppers are invited to drop by the store on 7th Street, Riverside, California or visit the online site to view the outstanding selection.

Whether customers are looking to purchase Charvel guitars through the physical store or via the online facility, the sales representatives of Wild West Guitars will greet them warmly, usually by name, and allow them the time to take in the inventory in their own time. Charvel guitar shoppers will receive the same care, professional advice and patience from the experienced sales representatives when they go online. Queries and concerns are responded to in a courteous, friendly and prompt manner and members of staff will work tirelessly to ensure that customers who want a specific model of the Charvel guitar range receive exactly what they wish for. Wild West Guitars is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction with the customer service and products and believes that customers should leave the store or log off with a smile on their faces and a feeling of having found the right provider. Customers looking for Charvel guitars can shop online with the confidence that their personal and private details are safely and securely protected. Delivery times are fast and each of the Charvel guitars will be packaged professionally to prevent any damage in transit. Wild West Guitars wants customers to be completely happy with the Charvel guitars they order, and if, for any reason, this should not be the case, they may be returned and the refund may be used for full store credit. Wild West Guitars gives a 48 hour approval period and customers may read the return policy guidelines online.

Wild West Guitars is an authorized dealer for Charvel guitars and is focused on assisting everyone, from beginners and hobbyists to seasoned musicians, in obtaining the most suitable instrument for their purpose. Wild West Guitars also offers customers a complete line of Fender accessories, including strings, authorized replacement parts, cases, straps and more. The Charvel guitars were founded by Wayne Charvel and Charvel/Jackson was bought out by Fender in 2002. Charvel now offers several models featuring an Eddie Van Halen signature model, which is paint stencilled by Eddie himself.

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