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A fine pastel selection at Wild West Guitars.
Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters
You’d be hard-pressed indeed to find a more dazzling Fender Custom Shop dealer on the U.S. West Coast than Wild West Guitars in Riverside, Calif. This might have something to do with the fact that the acclaimed high-end retailer is a mere guitar pick’s throw from the Fender Custom Shop itself in neighboring Corona, Calif.

A pre-eminent Southern California dealer since founder Mark Herbert established it in 1999, Wild West is an especially large and luminous star in the instrument-sales universe. Its extraordinary Fender gear selection is presented amid a lavish setting with killer vibe, including the Voodoo Lounge—an especially engaging feature where clients can attend Fender Custom Shop Roadshow events and artist clinics amid an elaborate rock ‘n’ roll jungle-themed setting. It has pro staging and sound, dense foliage, zebra-stripe and leopard-print seating—the whole bit. It puts even more “wild” into Wild West Guitars.

Further, Wild West Guitars enjoys a prolific history of online sales excellence. Well more than a decade ago, in fact, Wild West was a pioneering rock ‘n’ roll Internet retailer.

In either case—on the actual premises or digitally—the self-proclaimed heart and goal of Wild West Guitars is to create the kind of ultimate buying experience that produces “an incredibly loyal following.” In this effort it has succeeded at admirably, and the Wild West gang readily acknowledges that Fender and the best of its best have had a lot to do with that.

The Voodoo Lounge, as seen from the stage.
The VooDoo Lounge
“We treat our customers like gold,” said Bo Harrison, operations manager. “Fender is our main brand, and our focus is on the Custom Shop. The guitars we’ve seen coming out of the Custom Shop over the past year have been some of the best I’ve ever seen, hands down.”

Looks like they’ve been coming out of the Custom Shop and into Wild West Guitars. Walk in and you find a wide and truly gorgeous selection of the finest Team-built and Master-built Fender Custom Shop instruments.

“Fender means iconic American guitars,” said sales manager Doug Diamond. “First-rate people who really understand the magic and mojo that the Custom Shop personifies. Here you’ll find some of the most incredible and unique Custom Shop guitars. We specialize in heavy relics, killer necks and helping people create their dream guitar through custom orders. Whether you check out our mind-blowing selection here or online, you’ll be treating yourself to the most amazing guitar-buying experience.”
Fender Room at Wild West Guitars
Apart from the stellar Custom Shop instruments, Wild West offers much more. Its selection also encompasses Fender American Deluxe and American Vintage series guitars and basses, and virtually every tube amp emblazoned with the Fender logo. High-end gear from sister brands Jackson®, Charvel® and EVH® is there, too.

Visit Wild West Guitars online at wildwestguitars.com.

Wild West Guitars boasts a truly fine Fender selection.

Wild West Guitars

Posted on October 13, 2011 at 8:56 am.

Written by Jeff Owens

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