Testimonial – S.F.

Doug Diamond and Wild West are The Best !!!
Their selection of PRS private stocks is fantastic, and you won’t work with better people.
A+ all the way!

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  1. Joe Palmer says:

    I met Doug Diamond at the 2012 PRS Experience this past September. My wife and I attended the Thursday Signature Club event primarily to see Mark Tremonti perform his new solo material live. We also wanted to look at some beautiful works of art on the sales floor. On the sales floor were tables packed with hundreds of Maryland’s finest offerings. My wife and I were drawn to one guitar more than all the others, on a table at the Wild West Guitars booth was a Tremonti Signature in a custom color unlike anything I’d ever seen. It was a natural flamed maple 10-top that the sprayer had taken to a green burst. The mahogany back, headstock and neck also had the green burst applied and on that darker wood the contrast was amazing. The salesman at the booth was Doug, he was very friendly, laid back and helpful. He was also swamped with customers and was multitasking like a pro. After getting a quote from Doug on the Tremonti my wife and I continued window shopping but found ourselves returning to the same spot over and over, joining the cluster of people gathered in front of that amazing Tremonti. Just a few minutes before the sales floor was scheduled to close Doug quoted us a price that even had my wife nodding yes, we’ll take it. Due to some delays getting a required confirmation of purchase back from the shop in California, we found ourselves virtually alone on the sales floor. It was my wife, Doug, a PRS employee waiting for the sales confirmation, two large but friendly police officers and myself. Doug and I were talking about about music and guitars, shocking I know, when my wife told Doug the only reason we were there was to see Tremonti perform. Doug told us he knew Mark and would try to hook us up with an autograph if we wanted. I was thinking, sure that would be cool but what were the odds? Less than 5 minutes later Doug spotted Mark, his wife and a camera crew filming Mark as he was checking out the guitars on the assumed to be empty sales floor. Doug asked me if I wanted to meet Mark and proceeded to walk to the other side of the floor and speak to Mark. In less than a minute Doug, Mark and crew walked up to the booth and Doug introduced my wife and I to Mark. Doug shared with Mark the story above and opened the case to show Mark the guitar. We stood there and spoke for quite some time about influences and music in general. I found Mark to be incredibly down to earth, friendly and cool. Mark offered to autograph my guitar and did so on the back of the headstock with the gold sharpie provided by Doug. My wife took dozens of photos of the whole encounter until Mark had to leave to prepare to take the stage. The sales confirmation arrived via email and we were set to go outside for the show. Doug asked me what I thought at the time to be an odd question. He wanted to know if I planned to pickup the guitar after he show or carry it with me to the pavilion? He also wanted to know where we planned to sit? After leaving he sales floor we hit the dinner buffet and sat at a table to enjoy the food and music. About a half hour later I see Doug approach with none other than Paul Reed Smith! Doug had shared the story of the encounter with Mark and had asked Paul if he would come out and see the guitar and say hi to us. He also asked him if he would autograph the guitar, which he did. Much like the encounter with Mark, Paul was very much just a regular guy and very nice. I don’t think you could have scripted a better story, it was an amazing evening on all counts and none of it would have been possible without Doug. I have never in my 25 years of buying, playing and collecting guitars, met a better dude than Doug. He has earned a loyal customer and I’d bet there are hundreds+ others out there that feel the same about Doug and Wild West Guitars. I have since spoken with and purchased a PRS 408MT 10-top and a Gibson Les Paul Custom from Doug since that day last September. He will always be the first guy I call when I get that itch to buy equipment. Thanks brother for everything!

  2. Juan Pablo Hasson says:

    The best store and the best people, Doug is the man!

  3. Anthony Bucacci11 says:

    Doug is on top of his game. He helped and advised me on a PRS Artist HB II single cut in faded blue jean. The guitar exceeded my expectations from his input and in less than 10 weeks it was in my hands and it was my Blue Jean Dream. The savings from other stores was significant, and whether email or phone he was always there. Give him a shot, he is very good at accomplishing your expectations in a mail order, internet world.

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