Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Black 2007. Great condition - SOLDSerial #: 8057

Slingin' Price $2,299.99

Excellent condition 2007 Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom. Serial 016370411 A few dings, nothing serious. A players guitar. The action is low and has no intonation issues. No buzzing or dead spots. The frets are basically new and the neck is perfectly straight. 2007 was when Gibson started weight relieving almost everything, so its very possible that this one is weight relieved. It's not fully chambered like the Historics where you can see the massive hole from the control cavity. it weighs in in the 8lb range. Gibson doesn't really specify on any of its specs whether it is or not. The pickups are a '57 classic neck and a '57 classic plus in the bridge. Vintage with lots of output. Only made them for a few years. Sounds sweet! They're hot... Never feedback issues even at loud volumes. Its very defined and articulate.


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