Fender Masterbuilt 54 Stratocaster - Yuriy Shishkov Limited Edition 2004 - SOLDSerial #: 8678

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50th Anniversary of the Stratocaster. 1954 Limited Edition Yuriy Shishkov
Serial 5392
PC 8678

The Fender Custom shop makes guitars for all the greats. Clapton, Beck, Sambora, Haggard, Bettencourt, Richards, Guy, Gatton, Malmasteen, you name it. The guys in the custom shop are the guys hand-building each of these guitars, one at a time. They make some guitars that we mortals can get as well.

For the 50th Anniversary of the Stratocaster, the Fender Custom Shop produced a Limited Edition Series of 1954 Reissues, each individually built by a Fender Master Builder. There were only 100 of these 1954 Vintage Masterbuilt Guitars made, and every detail of the original 1954 Stratocaster was painstakingly reproduced, from the vintage “Radio Shack” style volume and tone knobs, the unique placement of the upper strap button, to the original rounded pickup covers and hand-wound 1954 pickups.

This piece of truly playable art by Senior Master Builder Shishkov would appear exactly as an original 1954 Stratocaster would today, had it been carefully stored in the dark for more than 50 years, a “Closet Classic”. The nitrocellulose sunburst finish is beautifully “checked”, and this is simply an incredibly resonant, chimey-sounding guitar, essentially identical in all respects to the one Buddy Holly would have played. This guitar weighs 7.8 lbs.

Most vintage connoisseurs agree that the re-issue Masterbuilt guitars now are of far higher quality in build and consistency that the originals, with modern tooling and quality control methods.

This “one-off” hand built beauty will come with a full pro setup.
This guitar includes red velvet G&G deluxe vintage style case with 50th anniversary custom embroidering, a hard plastic ABS black velvet lined gig case, case candy, and Fender certificate of authenticity signed by Yuriy Shishkov. There were only 1,954 of these limited edition guitars built, and only a few were Masterbuilts!

This guitar is in factory fresh condition, with hand-wound vintage pickups.


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