Fender 55 Strat Relic Two Tone John Cruz Masterbuilt - SoldSerial #: JC1824

Slingin' Price $6,199.00

John Cruz came to Fender in 1987, joined the Custom Shop in 1993 and became a Master Builder in 2003. Custom guitars are his passion, and he is the man behind several famous Custom Shop instruments, including the replica of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s famous “Number One” Stratocaster guitar.

Cruz also built the limited-run Moto guitar and amp sets, worked on the ’49 Woody amp project and developed all production processes for the Rory Gallagher and Muddy Waters tribute guitars. Further, his meticulous work was essential to all aspects of the initial Custom Shop Relic guitars and basses, and he initiated the Custom Shop’s quality assurance program.
Cruz has built fantastic guitars for players such as Doug Aldrich (Dio, Whitesnake), Dave Amato and Bruce Hall (REO Speedwagon), Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Bono (U2), Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses), Ike Turner and Brad Whitford (Aerosmith).


Master Builder - John Cruz

Weight - 7.0 Lbs

Finish Package - Relic

Plating - Chrome

Right Hand/Left Hand - Right Hand

Case- Strat Brown Tolex Gold Long G&G

Gen Text Cert - 55 Strat Relic


Body Spread - Guitar & Bass Ash

Choose Single Or Multi Color - Single Color

1, 2 Or 3pc Spread? - 2 Pc

Sort For Light Weight - No Sort

Body Finish - Lacquer

Body Text - 55 2tone Color (Builder Pick)

Body Text - 'Medium' Relic


Bridge Assembly Standard or Custom - Standard Bridge Assembly

Bridge Assembly - Strat Vintage Relic

Output Assemblies - Vintage Strat Relic

Control Assembly None

Neck Plate - Guitar Serial Vintage Relic

Back Plate & Trem Cover - Guitar Plate Back Relic Parchment

Tremolo Arm - Vintage Strat Relic

Tremolo Arm Tip - White Relic

Tuner Key - Fender Logo Nickel Relic

String Sets For Guitar - 010-013-017-026-036-046


Standard or Custom Neck - Custom Neck

Like Standard Neck Assembly - 56 Strat

Neck Finish - Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Neck Blank - Guitar Plain Grain

Truss Rods - 50's

Face Dot - Micarta Black 6.3mm

Side Dot - Micarta Blk 3/32"

Fret Wire - Cut Dunlop 6105

Fingerboard Radius - 9.50" Radius

Back Shape - 10/56 "V"

Neck Thickness at 1st Fret - .860"

Neck Thickness at 12th Fret - .960"

Nut - Standard Blank

Decals Headcap For Guitar - 56 & 60 Strat C/S

Neck Text - 55 Era Strat Decal

Neck Text - Rolled Fret Edges


Standard or Custom - Standard

Standard Pickguard Assembly - Strat 56 Strat Rh Nickel Relic

Pickups – Base Model Vintage 50’s Pickups 



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