Tone King Imperial 20th Anniversary LE Amp - Cream In StockSerial #: 20th Imperial

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Happy Anniversary. Meet a limited edition tribute to the 20 year-old vintage tone classic that started it all for amp master builder Mark Bartel and the Tone King brand. Builds on the Imperial's magic tonal recipe with hand wiring and a built-in Ironman attenuator (6 levels of attenuation, from 0db-36db) . No tweaks to the main signal path, but you'll find the reverb especially spacious and the trem especially smooth. The Ironman makes this the ultimate home or club amp. Loaded with the new Celestion G12M65 Creamback speaker.

Output Power - 20W

Reverb - Tube Driven Spring Reverb

Output Tubes - 6V6GT (x2), 12AX7(x4), 12AT7, 5AR4

Footswitch - Channel Switch and Tremolo
Speaker - 1x12 Celestion G12M65 Creamback

Tremolo - Tube Driven

Features - Handwired Circuitry

Built-in Ironman Attenuator

Colors Black/Cream, Brown/Cream, Cream/Cream and Turquoise/White
Weight 30lbs Size 22 5/8"(w) x 10 1/2"(d) x 19 1/4"(t)


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