PRS Sweet 16 Tube guitar head Serial #: 4621

Slingin' Price $1,350.00

PRS tone, amazing value! The Sweet 16 packs in 16 watts of unbelievable tube tone, complete with reverb — and it's the most affordable PRS amplifier to date. Maybe best of all, the PRS Sweet 16 guitar amplifier head has the right amount of wattage to let you get those essential tube breakup tones, even at smaller gigs or inside your studio. Beautifully designed and hand-wired in the USA, this amp has a cool vintage-style black and white tolex covering. You've got to have the Paul Reed Smith Sweet 16.

Hand-wired in Stevensville, Maryland
16 Clean Watts (Smooth Overdrive at Max)
2x 6V6 Output Tubes
Cathode Bias    
Master Volume (Exits the Circuit at Max)
Volume, Bass, Treble, Mid, Reverb, Master, and Bright Controls
Vintage-style Black and White Tolex Look



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