Orange Thunderverb 50 HeadSerial #: 4392

Slingin' Price $1,999.99

With a 2-channel Orange Thunderverb 50 Head, you get the boutique sound that has made the Thunderverb 200 a success, but with the performance of a smaller amp. The result is that you can push the Thunderverb 50 Head hard enough to overdrive its power tubes without either dialing up the attenuator or traumatizing your house pets. The variable attenuator allows you to record with the same tone that you play with live, without running the risk of blowing out your mics. On stage or in the studio, your Orange Thunderverb 50 Head will always be your go-to guitar amp.


Type - Tube

Number of Channels - 2

Power - 50W Class AB

Effects - No Effects

Reverb - Yes, tube-driven

EQ - Ch 1 Treble/Middle/Bass, Ch 2 Shape

Amp Modeling - No

Number of Models - 0

Number of Tubes - 8

Preamp Tubes - 4 x ECC83/12AX7

Power Tubes - 2 x EL34, 2 x ECC81/12AT7

Inputs - 1 x Instrument

Outputs - 3 x TS

Footswitch - I/O Yes

Effects Loop - Yes, tube-driven

Height - 11.02"

Width - 21.65"

Depth - 11.02"

Weight - 55.12 lbs.

Notes - Orange

Manufacturer Part Number - TH50H Orange



ModelOrange Thunderverb 50 Head
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