Fender Vibro King Custom All Tube and one of the best amps out there to this day!Serial #: 6516

Slingin' Price $3,499.99

The venerable Fender Vibro-King amp has appeared on countless stages worldwide. This all-tube, completely hand-wired combo amp with birch ply cabinet is covered in black with the appealing "1964 Transitional" Blackface/White knob look. The 60-watt Vibro-King Custom has a pair of powerful 6L6 Groove Tubes for rich, full tone and its sensitivity is unparalleled when it comes to picking dynamics and guitar knob settings. The guitar amp has crystal-clean tones, sparkling reverb, and the commanding overdriven tones are downright inspiring.

Other premium features include '63 Fender Reverb with dwell, mix and tone controls; three 10" Jensen P10R speakers with alnico magnets; 6V6 reverb driver tube; five 12AX7 preamp tubes; heavy-duty textured black vinyl covering with silver grille cloth and nickel hardware; FX loop; and a two-button FAT boost/vibrato footswitch.

    Premium birch cabinet construction
    Completely all-tube; hand-wired circuit
    Includes USA-made GT-6L6 GE output tubes
    Pre-gain '63-style Fender reverb with dwell, mix, and tone—go from mellow to intense "crashing" reverb tone
    60 Watts into three Jensen 10" speakers with Alnico magnets

Among the most responsive, touch sensitive Fender amps in the world. Order today.



ModelFender Vibro King Custom All Tube and one of the best amps out there to this day!
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