Carp MoonFish V4 42 Watt Head and 2x12 CabSerial #: CArp Moonfish

Slingin' Price $3,255.00

Carp Amplifications MoonFish Series

The Moonfish Series was created for the player who cherishes the sounds of Fullerton's early years, however demands more when they hit the stage. As a huge fan of the early Blackface and Tweed tones, I wanted to take that inspiration, coupled with the input of today’s top players, and develop an amp that truly delivered without compromise. After countless hours in the “shed” I can truly say that I am proud of the end result. A tighter bass, an improved midrange circuit, along with a detailed sweet high-end …it’s all there. My secret is simple…“no short-cuts, no compromise”.

For your benefit and mine, I only work for myself and you the player….no corporate red tape. So plug in and enjoy!

Carp Amplification “Moonfish 4V” 42 watt tube amplifier

About it:

Sweet jangly cleans and buttery crunch…..this amplifier satisfies all.

Tight bass, detailed midrange, and a sweet high-end.

The 4V excels at Rock, Blues, and Country.

Great for Fiddle, Lap Steel, Harmonica, and more!

Loves pedals!


*Power Output: 42 Watts

*Mercury Magnetics Transformers

*Output Tubes: 4-6v6 JJ Tubes

*Preamp Tubes: 1 –JJ ECC83S

*Phase Inverter 1-JJ ECC81

*Single Channel

*Controls: Push/Pull Gain control with Bright cap,

*Treble/Mid/Bass, Volume

*Matching 2x12 cabinet loaded with a Celestion 12” Creamback and a Celestiion 12” Lead 80


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