About Us

The staff of Wild West Guitars would like to thank you for considering us for your next musical purchase. Simply put it is our goal to bring you only the best the guitar and amplification world has to offer in an environment never seen before. The majority of our pieces hang in one of three private show rooms. This allows our customers to simply close the door behind them, and test the instruments in a lab type environment. Each of our guitars and amps are put through a rigorous quality control process. Any instrument that does not meet our high standards is simply sent back to the manufacturer.

Meet The Staff

Mark Herbert

all about mark herbert

Matt Booth

Matt "Boots" Booth

Electronic Retail Wizard/Sales Ace

Aces High!  Electronic Retail Wizardry, like a cool drink of water set against the bone-dry Dusty Plains, comes courtesy of Matt "Boots" Booth.
Matt, The Modcat Maven, never met a descriptive product code he couldn't crack. Armed with nearly a decade of sales acumen, Matt's
prowess for deciphering cryptic electronic codes and creating waves of cutting-edge electronic/social media deals, is rivalled only by his innate
ability to find you exactly the top-flight USA-made, custom shop or private stock guitar of your dreams. Boot City Tonight!

Doug Diamond

Doug "Dusty" Diamond

Six-String Gunslingin' Sales Ace

Straight Outta Hollywood! A blistering, unparalleled 12-year sales run in Los Angeles brought the venerable six-string gunslinger
to Wild West Guitars in 2011; a match made in rock n' roll heaven. DFD, long-synonymous with high-octane, custom shop and
powerhouse private stock guitar custom builds, keeps the pedal to the floor at The Wild West -- joining forces to create such
six-string killers as White Lightning and Vampire Floyd. Keep your eyes peeled for more Wild West home-brew six-string
badness coming soon. Fasten your seatbelts!

Bo Harrison

Bo "Doc" Harrison

Webmaster/Sales Guru

Three chords and a cloud of dust! Burning a hole through the cyberspheric haze like a renegade solar flare on high, pioneer web overlord
Doc Harrison and his merry band of cyber-studs deliver the six-string goods at wildwestguitars.com: The Wild West - one of the first-ever
online sources for a red-hot legion of ravenous axe lovers to get their six-string prescriptions filled. The axe-slinging, internet trailblazer
began Wild West's meteoric rise at the turn of the century and never looked back or backed down. Doc also turns up the heat big-time
on the sales frontier: Bo knows The Best Axes;  and The Best Axes are always at The Wild West!

Sean Murphy

Sean "Murph Man" Murphy

Social Media Sharpshooter/Photographer

Shoot 'em up! The Latest and Greatest Axes of The Wild West land at your favorite social media destinations on the wings of the pile-drivin'
Murph Man. Murph's whirlwind of epic guitar imagery burns a hole in the collective consciousness of Wild West faithful worldwide.
The Murph Man lurks just beyond the swingin' doors of The Voodoo Lounge, armed with the one-eyed monster, relentlessly covering fabled
"Unboxings," taking you "Into The Vault," tracking "Trade-in Treasures" and scorching the Dusty Plains with the heat of "Prime Cuts"  videos.
The Kid's Dynamite!

Mark "The Gun" Dickerson

Mark "Gun D" Dickerson

Gifted Luthier/Resident Shreddy Krueger

Hang 'em high! The Wrangler of The Ultimate Magic Mojo SetUp rules the wastelands with his iconic guitar craftsmanship and painstaking
attention to detail. The legendary luthier graces every incredible axe that leaves The Wild West with his masterful touch. Which means
that your axe will land on your rock n' roll doorstep in top-flight form. Gun D also presides as The Wild West's resident Shreddy Krueger.
He can be heard blazing on many Wild West "Prime Cuts" tracks. What's more, Gun's contributions to Wild West exclusive runs and
home-brew axes are the stuff of Dusty Plains' legend. Son of a Gun!